Data Loss Prevention Policy

What has UNSW done?

At UNSW, we are pleased to announce that from 8 July 2020, UNSW IT has enhanced its data loss prevention technology capabilities to monitor and detect information being transmitted via UNSW ICT systems.

What is Data Loss Prevention Policy?

Data loss prevention is designed to detect and if necessary, prevent the copying or transmission of sensitive information out of the corporate network. Organisations that have personal or sensitive information are required to adhere to these guidelines when operating within Australian jurisdiction.

How does Data Loss Prevention technology work?

A comprehensive data loss prevention suite will look at data in different states and different locations, including:

- Traversing and leaving the network on authorised and unauthorised endpoints

- Data at rest, such as on file shares

- Data in use such as being printed or viewed

- Data in motion whether emailed, uploaded or copied onto removeable devices.