Hardware Disposals (eWaste)


E-waste disposal has been a function of Digital Support for the past 4 years. In 2019 UNSW IT has signed a new contract with TES to be UNSWs preferred e-waste partner. UNSW IT and EM Waste department has been working collaboratively to action the e-waste disposal request we get from UNSW staff in the form of  IT ServiceDesk Ticket or Archibus request.

As part of the contract agreement, TES will erase and destroy all UNSW data from the machines including the confidential and personal information and will ensure it is unrecoverable and irretrievable in any form and by anyone.

General items that gets picked up from UNSW includes: Desktop, Laptops, Monitors, Printers(Large MFDs & small printers), computer peripherals, server racks & equipment, AV peripherals & Hardware. 

Departments that are part of the e-waste community and can log tickets with TES includes:
•    AV team - Reinhardt

•    EM -Raymond Galway

•    UNSW IT – Rohit Lal

Department responsible for contracts negotiation: Vendor management office – Jennifer Ng