A cartoon picture of a robot head that is white and black on a yellow background

UNSW IT Services presents...MytiBot 

MytiBot (My Technology Information Bot) is our artificial intelligence for IT Services, designed to answer all of your IT-related questions.

Need to reset your password? Not sure what software is available to you? Confused about how to install VPN? MytiBot is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can ask anything relating to our extensive IT services or online resources and receive a friendly, detailed answer instantly. 

Simply open MytiBot, select your UNSW affiliation and ask your question. 

The UNSW IT Service Centre team provides constant monitoring to improve the accuracy and quality of the responses to your questions and if MytiBot is unable to answer your question, we are here to help.

Provide instant feedback

MytiBot is constantly learning and we are constantly working to improve MytiBot. You can help by giving feedback for every response.

MytiBot uses clever algorithms to learn from its mistakes and feedback provided by you. Simply click on the yellow button (pictured below) when you are in the chat, to provide feedback. 

Contact the Service Centre team easily 

You can easily access the IT Service Centre Support team if MytiBot is unable to answer your question/enquiry. Simply click on the yellow button (pictured below) when you are in the chat, to raise an IT Service Request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This chatbot is accessible on latest versions of all desktop and laptop browsers and mobile devices except Internet Explorer.


A: Unfortunately, no. But you can raise a service request within the chat if MytiBot is not able to answer your question and we will help you.

A: No. All you need to do is to indicate your UNSW affiliation (student, staff, alumni, visitor). This is just for reporting purposes.

A: The UNSW IT Service Centre team owns and maintains MytiBot. They also perform updates to its knowledge base with the latest information.

A: Yes. MytiBot is currently trained to respond student, staff, alumni and visitor IT-related enquiries.

A: No, you don't need to provide any personal information to chat with MytiBot. When MytiBot is unable to answer your query you will be redirected to the myIT website login page to raise a Service Request ticket.

A: Yes. The chat history is stored anonymously for 30 days for bot training purposes.

A: To provide feedback about MytiBot, use the feedback option inside your chat.