Multimedia and Audio Visual Services


The UNSW Multimedia and AV Services team manages the audio-visual services and technologies across UNSW.

We play an important role in ensuring that the audio-visual equipment at UNSW is available, accessible and responsive to user needs.

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For urgent in class assistance in a CATS Teaching room please call


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To report maintenance or faulty audio-visual equipment in a CATS room please submit a ticket

For urgent technical assistance in a Microsoft Teams meeting room please call.


To report maintenance or non urgent matters or requests for Teams Rooms please submit a ticket

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Require an AV upgrade? Audio-visual consultancy, design and project management services are available to the  UNSW community.

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Self Help Guides

In all CATS teaching spaces where lecture recording is available, the room will be fitted with a Shure wireless radio microphone receiver. Each lecture theatre has its own operating frequency, which is displayed on a small orange or newer silver sign on the lectern.
To set the operating frequency in your teaching space please read the CATS Radio Microphone User Guide. Or, see our Helpful How To Video HERE. Please remember to turn your transmitter off when leaving the theatre.

Learning Environments are trialing new digital microphones in CATS spaces across campus so the old SLX mentioned above will not work these spaces have increased to 50 being Theatres and Active Learning Spaces - please ensure you return the ULXD mics to the charging cradle after use ready for the next user.


How to Purchase a Wireless Microphone.

Faculties and teaching staff are able to purchase or replace wireless radio microphones for use in Learning Space theatres.  Using the same brand of radio receiver will ensure a consistent user experience across UNSW.

The following equipment is currently in use in UNSW teaching spaces:

•Receiver (in theatre) Shure SLX4 (L4)

•Transmitter (lecturer) Shure SLX1 (L4)

•Microphone (required with the transmitter) Shure WL185 lapel or headset microphone Shure WH30TQG

To purchase additional or replacement equipment, please contact UNSW’s preferred supplier:

Contact:Jeff Loyd


Tel: (02) 8978 1700 or 0447 277 561



Read more about Shure Wireless Microphone Systems.

Need more information?

For enquires regarding the use or purchase of these microphones, please contact the UNSW AV Team

You can access our approved product catalogues via myUNSW. Please login with your zID and password, navigate to My Finance > Buy from UNSW’s online catalogues.

Self Help Giude for AMX Touchscreen in Rooms with One Projector: User Guide 

Self Help Giude for AMX Touchscreen in Rooms with Two Projectors: User Guide

Using the Internal Computer and Projectors

Self Help Giude for the Lumens Document Camera: User Guide 

How to Use the Document Camera

UNSW Learning Spaces Quick Start Guide

Troubleshooting Guides

The AV system is controlled via the AMX touchscreen. If the screen is black, simply touch it to wake it up and press the ‘System On’ button in the bottom right hand corner.

Once the system has started, select the source required e.g. computer then press the ‘Display on Projector’ button located in the centre of the screen. The AV system will automatically turn on the data projector and the projection screen will descend. Please note that the projector may take a minute or so to warm up, so there might be a short delay before you see anything on the projector screen.

Select the ‘Volume Control’ button on the touchscreen. Check that the ‘Mute’ button is not highlighted under the ‘Source Volume’ section.  Adjust the volume to the desired level using the up and down arrows. If a microphone is installed in the teaching space, its volume can be adjusted from this page also.

If there is still no sound from the computer, please check the computer’s volume settings by selecting Start/All Programs/Volume Control on the bottom left-hand-side of the PC monitor.

If you’re trying to project sound from a software program or website, such as VLC Media Player, YouTube or iView, please also check the software or website volume settings.

If you are in a room that houses two data projectors, it’s possible to display information from two input sources at the same time. To do this, select your first device and press the ‘Display on Projector 1’ button on your computer screen. Next, select your second device and press ‘Display on Projector 2’. Audio is attached to the projector you select last.  

For a list of our rooms equipped with two data projectors, please call extension 56639 or view Room Management (login required) 

Our system is set to save power when it is not in use; when you turn the system on, the monitor should also light up. If the system is already on and the monitor is still not working, please check that the power button (located on the bottom right hand side of the monitor) is switched on.

Our rooms are equipped with a VGA cable and a HDMI cable to connect your external laptop. If your Laptop does not support these connection ports, you may need to purchase a dongle to interface between your laptop and our system.  

To display your laptop please select ‘VGA Laptop’ or ‘HDMI Laptop’, depending on which connection method you are using. 

There are four USB ports in each teaching space, located on the top of the lectern beside the laptop input plate and power outlet. Insert your USB into one of these input ports to connect it to the internal PC.