Wi-Fi for Staff and Students


All active UNSW staff, students and alumni have access to the Uniwide and Eduroam Wi-Fi networks at UNSW. These networks offer fast, secure wireless network connectivity from a wide range of locations across UNSW’s campuses.

For University staff and students working at the Hospital Precinct, the best Wi-Fi network is the Eduroam network. Please follow the self help guide below to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network.



UNSW staff and students are encouraged to use Uniwide when connecting to Wifi on campus as it is UNSW's primary Wi-Fi network.

Uniwide uses your zID and password to authenticate. For a detailed guide on how to configure your device please refer to the Self-Help Articles section.

Network Name: uniwide
Username: zID
Password: zID Password


The Eduroam network provides Internet access to staff and students visiting from other educational institutions. UNSW staff and students can use the Eduroam service at participating campuses in Australia and overseas. Staff also have access to Eduroam when operating from the hospital precinct. If you intend on using Eduroam at a participating University and haven't used it before you should setup and test Eduroam while still on campus at UNSW.

Network Name: eduroam
Password: zID Password

Guest Wi-Fi

Visitors can access Wi-Fi at UNSW by connecting to the UNSW Guest Network. Visit the Guest Wi-Fi page for further instructions..


Self Help Guides

Step 1 - Tap Apps on the Home screen of your device

Step 2 - Tap Settings

Step 3 - Tap Wi-Fi

Step 4 - Tap Uniwide

Step 5 - Ensure EAP Method is PEAP and Phase 2 Authentication is MSCHAPV2

Step 6 - For the ‘Select certificate’ field you can choose Use System Certificate if this option is available (if so, use domain: unsw.edu.au), otherwise choose Don't validate

Step 6.1 - How to download the certificate:

1.    Go to the official QuoVadis website: https://www.quovadisglobal.com/download-roots-crl/

2.    Please find the "QuoVadis Root CA2 G3" in the list and use "Download as DER" link to download certificate file.

3.    If your phone does not automatically open the downloaded certificate file, you may need to manually tap the file name you download "quovadis_rca2g3_der.cer" to install the certificate. You may be asked for your phone's screen lock PIN/biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint) to authorise the installation process.

4.    Give a name for the "Certificate name:". You can give it any name ( e.g.: "unsw wifi" ) which will only be for you to identify it when you need to select it from the user certificate drop-down menu. 

5.    Under "Credential use:" menu, please select "Wi-Fi", then tap "OK"  to finish the installation.

6.    Connect to uniwide as per the above settings. When you get to the Select Certificate dropdown, you should now also see the new "unsw wifi" certificate that you've previously installed and be able select it.

Step 7 - Leave the Anonymous identity field blank

Step 8 - Enter your UNSW zID (Staff or Student number) in the Identity field

Step 9 - Enter your UNSW zID Password in the password field

Step 10 - Tick Auto-reconnect to ensure that it is on

Your Android should now be connected to Uniwide

Step 1 - Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen of your device

Step 2 - Tap Wi-Fi in your settings

Step 3 - Tap Uniwide to select the UNSW Wi-Fi network

Step 4 - Enter your UNSW zID in the username field and your zID password

Step 5 - Tap Join

Step 6 - Tap Trust to trust the certificate

Your iPhone/IOS Device should now be connected to Uniwide

Step 1 - Click on the wireless network icon in the Windows taskbar

Step 2 - Click on the option for Uniwide, click to tick the checkbox next to ‘Connect automatically,’ and then click 'Connect'

Step 3 - If prompted, click the 'Connect' button on the Windows alert confirming that you want to connect Uniwide in this location

Step 4 - Enter your UNSW zID as your username

Step 5 - Enter your zID Password in the password field

Step 6 - Click 'OK'

Your PC is now connected to Uniwide 

Step 1 - To access the Wireless Network, click the Wi-Fi menu icon on the Menu bar of your device

Step 2 - Click Uniwide, The login dialog box will open

Step 3 - Enter your UNSW zIDas your username

Step 4 - Enter your zID Password

Step 5 - Click Continue

You will get a message that your machine is authenticating to network ‘Uniwide’ when you connect to Uniwide for the first time
View the certificate, the certificate should be from ‘unsw.edu.au’

Step 6 - Once you click on Continue, windows will pop-up which will ask for your local username and password to store the certificate

Once the certificate is installed you should not need to repeat the login and authenticate steps to reconnect
Your MacOS laptop is now connected to Uniwide

Step 1 - Right click the NetworkManager icon (nmapplet) in your taskbar. Ensure there's a tick next to both Enable Networking and Enable Wireless

Step 2 - Left click the NetworkManager icon, then click eduroam. To connect to a different network click Connect to Other Wireless Network and configure the settings

Step 3 - Save the QuoVadis Root CA2 certificate file to your local hard disk

Step 4 - In the dialogue box complete the fields in the table above

Step 5 - Connect to eduroam. The NetworkManager will automatically connect to the first wireless network it finds in range and for which it has been configured:





Wireless Security

WPA Enterprise

EAP Method


Key Type


Phase2 Type



zID@unsw.edu.au (Staff or Student Numbaer)


zID Password

Anonymous Identity

Leave blank

CA Client Certificate File

Choose No CA certificate is required for initial eduroam connectivity. Download the QuoVadis Root CA2 for increased security in Step 3

CA Certificate File
(see below Private Key Password)

Leave blank

UNSW users can authenticate at over 60,000 affiliated sites via the globally federated Eduroam service. A link to participating sites can be found here at https://eduroam.org/where/

Users need to authenticate with their z-ID@unsw.edu.au to allow the remote institution to re-direct their authentication back to UNSW.

If you are not able to connect to the eduroam network from your device after entering your UNSW credentials, you may need to “forget this network”. Please follow the instructions below for your device.

Eduroam Guide - Windows

Eduroam Guide - Android

Eduroam Guide - iOS

If you are having trouble connecting to the wireless, one thing to try is to forget the wireless network and try again.

To forget the network on an Apple device, please refer to this link:-


To forget the network on a Microsoft Windows device please refer to this link:-


Troubleshooting Guides

Step 1 - Please enter your current zID Password

Step 2 - You will see this prompt after changing your UNSW password. If this prompt continually re-appears it may indicate that your IT account is locked. Please contact the IT Service Centre to have your account unlocked.

UNSW has a requirement to periodically update the certificate used to secure the Wi-Fi network. If your device has an outdated certificate you may receive a notification to update it.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Wi-Fi Settings and Forget the 'network name' Network.

Step 2 - Go back to the Wi-Fi Settings and Connect to the 'network name' Network, make sure you select the Accept Certificate.