Our Services

In a modern IT Service Management setting, a service catalogue is an interactive grouping of all currently available products, services, and applications that users can consume. Some services are request-able and require direct fulfillment while others will be enterprise-wide and delivered to anyone who engages with the University’s environments.

The services listed here are broad capabilities delivered by multiple teams within UNSW IT. Each service offering (for example, Adobe Creative Cloud) may contain a multitude of applications or products within it. These may all be fulfilled using a single request, multiple requests, or by default based on a user's access.


    The University's traditional operational functions delivered across the organization, from accommodation to payroll.

    Interactive spaces, venues, and platforms running specialized hardware and software designed and delivered by UNSWIT, including Centrally Allocated Teaching Spaces.

    Apps and platforms used to facilitate interactions between individuals and work groups as they create, share, and exchange information.

    Individual computing hardware and software needs for employees and students from procurement to end of life.

    Wired and wireless links across NSW and the globe for the University community and its visitors, from WiFi to telephony.

    Enterprise identity management facilitates timely, accurate, and secure access to electronic services for all members of the university community.