Email for Alumni


As an UNSW Alumni, you are granted access to a life long zMail account. The zMail email service is provided exclusively to UNSW alumni. It is a separate service to the Office 365 email account used by Staff and Students.

The zMail service is a web-based email service that is managed and provisioned by UNSW and hosted on the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Your zMail account will exist for as long as you maintain an association with the University as a UNSW alumnus.

Self Help Guides

For general information about Outlook Email please refer to the official Office support site.

1. Create your Microsoft password for your alumni email by authenticating with your zID and zPass. If you have forgotten your zPass please go to the Identity Manager.

2. Click the "Get my password" button to receive a temporary Microsoft password for your alumni email. 

Get my password

3. Go to and login with the following credentials:

  • Username:

  • Password: Microsoft Password

  • Note: Please ensure you are signed-out of any O365 Services or use incognito mode, otherwise you may find that you are logged back into your existing Microsoft account.

You can forward your emails to another account by:

  1. Click the Settings option in the top right of the screen Settings.jpg

  2. Choose Mail from the menu

  3. Choose Forwarding on the left of the screen

    Alumni Email
  4. Click on Start Forwarding

  5. Enter the email address you want your messages to be forwarded to.

  6. Click Save.

Alumni Email

Troubleshooting Guides

If your search of your zmail email folders is not finding what you are looking for, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure a full search of all items in your zmail folders.

  1. Check whether Outlook is currently updating any of the folders (it should say 'All folders up to date' if complete). If it is currently in the process of a send receive, or updating / synchronising, there may be issues with the search.

  2. Check whether the search is being run on the correct folder

  3. Compare your Outlook against Office Web App (OWA) to see if the search also fails there (note: if your search doesn't return any results while using webmail it generally suggests that the item you're looking for has been moved or deleted)

  4. Check Search Tools → Indexing status to see whether Outlook is still indexing

  5. Try turning Cached Exchange Mode OFF and restarting Outlook

  6. If the issue is with a shared mailbox, attempt to re-add the mailbox

  7. Attempt to recreate the Outlook profile

On a Windows 10 machine, Outlook 2016 can no longer send or receive emails.

There is a message on the bottom right corner of the window that says, "NEED PASSWORD!" When clicking this message to enter credentials, the credential box flashes on the screen for a second and disappears, therefore not allowing the user to enter their password. No updated password = no new emails being sent or received.

This is usually caused by an old password being stored in the "Work or School" account in Windows 10 Settings. These are the steps to fix this problem:

  1. Open the Start Menu > search for Settings > go to Accounts > on the left pane, click on "Access work or school account"

  2. If there is a "Work or School account" (e.g., select the account and click Disconnect

  3. Restart Outlook and then click on "Need Password!" on the bottom-right corner

  4. Enter email as:, and then click Sign In with a Different Account

  5. Enter credentials as below:

Microsoft Password

If there is no Work or School account on Step 2, click on Connect and follow the process to create the account.