Cyber Security

At UNSW, all members of our community have a shared responsibility to protect ourselves and the University against cyber security threats by complying with policies, being cyber aware, and reporting incidents. Your vigilance sustains the University's 2025 vision: To be Australia’s global university, improving and transforming lives through excellence in research, outstanding education, and a commitment to advancing a just society.

Importance of Cyber Security

The security of the University’s information, and the privacy of our students and staff, are essential to our mission to transform lives through excellence in research, outstanding education, and a commitment to advancing a just society. As valued members of the University community, we each play a role in improving cyber security.

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Cyber security controls are essential and most effective when all members of our community share the responsibility to protect the University and themselves against cyber threats. We urge you to report any suspicious activity or potential cyber security threats by contacting us.

Responding quickly will prevent or diffuse any cyber threats before they compromise our IT and data security.

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UNSW follows best-practice cyber security standards and has established a clear policy framework. 

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Members of the University community including staff, students, alumni or anyone who works or partners with us in any capacity (industry partners, affiliates, contractors, government, vendors, etc) are strongly urged to report any cyber security incidents as soon as possible. 

Incidents you should report include:

  • Suspecting an IT service, device or account has been compromised.
  • Evidence of vulnerable UNSW IT services.
  • Unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information or discovering a lost UNSW asset.
  • Observing a breach of University Policy.

Members of the public can contact the Cyber Security Team. Staff and students should email 

The University stores a vast amount of valuable research data, intellectual property, and personal data. Cyber Security continues to focus on protecting the privacy and data of our researchers, academics, staff, and students along with the University's integrity, brand, and reputation - through updated policies, improved technologies, and increased governance.

As part of our day-to-day work, both from on-campus and remotely we often handle research data or personal information - about ourselves, colleagues, students, and members of the public. We have a shared responsibility to protect this information, as well as recognise and respond to cyber threats. 

UNSW IT Cyber Security help protect our University community as well as inform, educate, and support your understanding of safe online behaviour, practices, and obligations around information security. On the respective team pages, you will find services with links that will either guide you through a process or provide you with more information. If you are unsure or wish to discuss your needs, please contact the IT Service Centre or click on the service below to access more information. 

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Cyber Security Progams

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) information is available for staff and current students under the Cyber Security menu or here.