Welcome to the UNSW IT Cyber Awareness Working From Home Tips and Hints

During COVID-19, with most of our staff and students ‘working from home’, UNSW has prepared a guide to make sure you are aware of cyber security threats and remain safe during this time. 

There are three highlight focus areas that we have provided as part of the Cyber Awareness hub:

 - How to secure your work from home workstation and protect your work devices

 - Online cyber security and protecting UNSW data and information when working remotely

 - How to protect yourself from phishing email scams

We have also designed an infographic specifically focusing on the Work From Home Campaign initiatives. 

Click on the Cyber Awareness Hub Video for an overview of the Hub. We will add more information to the Hub as we continue to develop this as a resource for staff.

Feel free to provide us with feedback or contact us at, We look forward to working with you!

Top 3 Cyber Tips

Cyber Security Infographics

Secure Your Workstation

Phishing Campaigns

Data Safety

Tips for Working From Home