Desktop/Notebook Procurement

Devices for New Starters

When creating a job request in UniHire, Hiring Managers will select a UNSW approved device from a list. An option will also be available to request a hardware customisation to meet specific requirements for a role.  Once the job is approved, interviews conducted and a preferred candidate accepts the offer, an automated process is triggered, sending the device requirements and candidate’s start date to UNSW IT.  The device is then assigned to the new starter and held, awaiting their arrival. If you're a new starter and have not yet received your device, please speak with your manager.

Please note that this service is currently available to all new fixed term and continuing professional and academic staff based at UNSW Kensington campus.  We plan to expand this service to include other employees in 2020.


Devices for Existing Staff

If you wish to purchase a new computing device UNSW has a list of ‘approved devices’, which can be imaged with the UNSW standardised operating environment (SOE).

  • A UNSW Digital Support representative or faculty IT person can assist with this process, helping you ascertain what device(s) you need

  • If you wish to browse the available devices or already know what you're after please click the following link to access the finance portal:


Initial setup for your new Device

 Once the device arrives, please click here to raise a request to have it setup and configured.