The AARNet CloudStor service enables AARNet customers to store, access and share files powered by the high-speed AARNet network.

To access CloudStor, login to AARNet via

All new users from UNSW will have a default storage quota of 1 TB.

Self Help Guides

To access the CloudStor service via your web browser,

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - In the search bar type UNSW, and select UNSW

Step 3 - Login in with you UNSW zID and password

Step 4 (Only for the first time) - Accept all the terms and conditions

You have access to CloudStor Services.

Settings and help are available from the toolbar in the top, right of the web interface



Under the "Settings" menu option, you can perform actions such as:

  • Change your sync password
  • Access the desktop sync clients
  • Setup notifications for various activities on CloudStor
  • See how much storage you have used

The CloudStor interface displays your data based on how it has been shared

  • All Files - contains all files that have been stored in CloudStor (excludes files uploaded using FileSender)
  • Favourites - The folders/files you have marked as favourites
  • Shared with you - Files/folders that have been shared to you by another CloudStor user
  • Shared with others - Files/folders you have shared with other CloudStor users
  • Shared by link - Files/folders you have shared using a URL


Uploading a File or Creating New Folders and Files

You can upload a file, create a new file or create a new folder using the web interface, by:

  • Click
  • Select "Text File" or "Folder" and providing a name for it
  • Press Enter on the keyboard to create a "Text File" or "Folder"




Downloading Files

You can download files by selecting the "Download" in the  menu next to the folder or file you wish to download.



Sharing Data

You can share a folder or file by clicking on the  icon located to the right of the file or folder name. There is two methods of sharing:

  • To another CloudStor user - you can share to any other CloudStor user by typing their email address into the sharing dialog (note: the user must have logged into CloudStor before they will appear in the user list).
  • By public link - the "Share a link" option will create a URL you can provide to anyone to get access to download the file (AARNet recommends settings a password on these links to prevent unauthorised access).


Deleting Data

Data can be deleted at the file or folder level. Once deleted, all files are moved to the Deleted Files page where they will be permanently deleted after 30 days. 

You are able to delete a file by clicking on the  icon next to a file or folder and selecting "Delete".


Seeing Activity For Your Data

You can see your recent activity, changes to your own data and shared data by selecting the "Activity" option from the toolbar at the top of the interface. Alternatively, you can click on the  icon next to a file or folder and select "Details".


  • Select the Sender app in the top navigation bar.
  • Complete the Sender form as necessary
  • For help or more information, select the "Help" option

To log out of CloudStor, select the "Log Out" option from the menu in the top right corner of the web interface and then completely close your browser (more information on that available here).



If you would like to use WebDAV - the settings are found by clicking on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner of the web interface and then scrolling to the "WebDav" section.

Sync Password

If you wish to use the optional sync clients from ownCloud, you will be required to set a separate ownCloud sync password. This password can be set from the "Settings" page.

Note: This password is only for use with the sync clients and is not used to login to CloudStor.


Download the Desktop Sync Client

The Desktop Sync Client is available from and follow instructions to install the client.

Configuring the ownCloud Desktop Sync Client

  • Enter your institutional email address as your username and the sync password you created (not the password for your institutional login) and then click "Next"

  • Ensure "Sync Everything" is selected and then click "Connect..." and CloudStor will start synchronising your data.

To apply for a group drive please get in contact: 

and please include the following information:

  • Group name.
  • Group drive owner/manager.
  • Main affiliated organisation : UNSW
  • Approximate storage size required.
  • Email addresses of members in the group.

NOTE: To be eligible for a group drive you must be part of or affiliated with UNSW.

For instructions on how to restore deleted files in Cloudstor please refer to the following guide:

Troubleshooting Guides

All UNSW Staff/Students are entitled to a CloudStor Storage account. However, it is a services provided by a third party vendor AARNet. For further troubleshooting guides or issues please contact AARNet at

If you are unable to login please check the following:

  • You Selected the right Institution: The University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • You typed in the right zID and password
  • You Accepted all the Terms and Conditions