Zoom Conferencing


Zoom is a high-quality video and audio online conferencing tool for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

You can access Zoom online with your UNSW Staff ID and password by clicking here: https://unsw.zoom.us/.

Zoom Meeting, an easy-to-use high-definition virtual meeting solution designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile-enabled students. Zoom Meeting ideal for online classes, meetings, special events, webinars, distance learning, group work, breakout rooms, collaboration, research supervision and collaboration, mentoring and even job interviews.

Self Help Guides

1.    Launch your Zoom client and then select “Sign In

2.    Click on “Sign in with SSO

3.    Enter “unsw” and then select “Continue

4.    Enter your UNSW zID@ad.unsw.edu.au and Password, then click on “Sign in

5.    You are now signed in to your UNSW Zoom account

Zoom Meetings runs on Computers (PC or Mac) and Mobile Devices (Tablets, mobiles) using Apple iOS or Android OS.

You will need to have Zoom Meeting Client on a computer or laptop or Zoom Meeting App on a mobile device.

To set-up Zoom Meetings for your computer and/or Mobile:

  1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings for your computer

  2. Or for mobile devices, download Zoom Mobile App for:

    • AppStore for iPhone 

    • PlayStore for Android 

If you already have an invitation link to the meeting, just use the link.

To join a session/meeting:

  1. Or you can start the meeting from your Zoom Meeting client directly.
    • Start the Zoom Client on Mac or PC or the Zoom app on mobile device

    • Click on ‘Join a Meeting’ and then enter your scheduled meeting ID to start the meeting

                   Note: The meeting ID is the 9digit number at the end of the URL link

If the meeting is open or in progress, you will get:

  1. Select “Join Audio Conference by Computer”
    • You can test your microphone and speakers by selecting “Test Computer Mic & Speakers”.

  2. If you do not have microphone or having trouble with your computer audio, you can also dial in.

    • Select “Phone Call” Tab to get the details

    • Use your mobile or landline to dial into a phone conference call to participate

      • In Australia +61 (0) 2 8015 2088

    • When prompted, use Meeting ID from the meeting invite, which is listed in the meeting invitation.

                   Note: The Meeting ID is also the last 9 digits of the link used to join the Zoom Meeting

When you are in the meeting, you can reveal the controls by hovering the mouse over the lower edge or select “ALT”.


Your audio should be on mute and your video stopped by defaulted on when you join the meeting.
1. Audio – During the meeting you can turn on and off your audio

  • In the lower left is the Audio control, where you can click to Unmute or Mute your audio:

image015 image016

Note: You should leave your microphone on mute unless you are talking

2. Video – During the meeting you can turn on and off your video

  • In the lower left is the Video control, which you can click to stop or start the video:

image018 image020

What can you do once in the meeting, includes:


1. Participants – You can list all the Participants in the meeting

  • Start by clicking on Chat:


  • See Participants list on the right

  • Options you have at the bottom is:


  • Select Unmute Me to turn on your microphone

  • Select Raise Hand to turn get attention of the Host

Note: Select Lower Hand if you no longer need attention of the Host


2. Chat – You can chat (type into a chat area)

  • Start by clicking on Chat:


  • See Chat box on the right


  • By default, the chat will be to “Everyone” in the meeting by typing in text:

         i. Typing in text and then enter:


        ii. Then see what you typed at top of the chat box:


  • You can also choose to have a private chat with the Host or anyone else in the meeting

         i. By selecting from dropdown of list of all participants

         ii. Select “Everyone” to chat to everyone (all participants)

         iii. Select an individual from dropdown to chat privately with the Host or another Participant


3. Share Screen to share any App screen running or your desktop/home screen with others in the meeting:

  • Click on Share Screen when the Host has enabled you to share or made you the Host of the meeting:


  • Select an application to share:


  • Select “Share Screen” to share


  • To end screen share, move mouse to top of screen and select “Stop Share”:


4. Leave Meeting when you are done with meeting and :


  • Select “Leave Meeting”


  • You have now left the meeting

Cloud Recording' option in the meeting settings will allow you to record the Zoom meetings on the AARNet CloudStor. After processing, Zoom will send an email from CloudStor with a link to recording and password to access it. Users must have CloudStor account to access their past recordings. If they are logging in to CloudStor for the first time, recordings will not be available. They need to make another recording before they can see the 'Zoom Recordings' folder in 'Shared with You' section within the CloudStor account. Users can sign in online at https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/ using UNSW staff number and password.

Zoom allows guests to easily join meetings. It also allows guest speakers and lecturers to talk to students. For teaching and learning, the guests speakers must have a Zoom account to participate, but they can sign-up for a free Zoom account if they are not UNSW staff or students.

Troubleshooting Guides

If you are unable to login, please check:

  • If you have the right zID and zPass

If you are unable to join a meeting, make sure:

  • The link is valid

  • The meeting is still happening

  • You got the right Room ID

  • You have access to the meeting room